Quality Policy
We at KF Bioplants Pvt. Ltd. are committed to: 
  • Explore new frontiers in product and process improvement to meet rapidly changing customer needs.
  • Build relationships and enhance satisfaction levels with all partners through:
  1.  Transparent systems
  2.  Strict adherence to QMS (Quality Management System)
  3.  Continuous improvement in effectiveness of QMS

Research and Development
KF Bioplants has been at the forefront of plant biotech research in the country. Continuous innovation and exhaustive testing are the key factors that allow new processes and products to be introduced. To strengthen its knowledge base, the company carries out comprehensive testing for viruses. It is committed to protecting genetic material under strictest confidentiality.

The company has introduced processes based on research carried out in the following areas:
  • Somatic Embryogenesis– It is a method of rapid mass propagation of plants where conventional methods of propagation become ineffective. This process has resulted in higher number of uniform plants produced in the shortest period of time.

  • LED Lighting – Various types of LEDs are installed in growth rooms/labs to provide crop specific light spectrum in order to improve quality of tissue culture-raised plants. This step has enabled efficient lighting as well as energy conservation.

  • Agar-Agar Degradation – Disposal of spent agar is a challenge for plant-tissue culture industry. KF Bioplants took initiative and developed a unique eco-friendly method for agar degradation. A combination of biological, chemical, and physical treatment ensures irreversible liquefaction of agar. The liquid gets processed through waste water treatment plant and can be used for fertigation.

  • Double haploid programme – This production technique was developed for commercially important oil, vegetable and ornamental crops. The process involved use of microspore, anther, and ovule culture for generating haploids. Several double haploid lines are successfully growing in field; helping to accelerate the breeding programme.

  • Enbiojet – KF Bioplants tested and introduced Enbiojet-based sterilization of media using direct transfer of microwave energy. It is a highly efficient, fast, and energy-saving method, while retaining the integrity of the sensitive media components.