Skilled Human Resource
KF Bioplants retains the best scientists available globally for each product. "The best person for the job" is an avowed company policy. This attitude is evident in product quality and variety; and through the unique expertise provided to growers. Its in-house training institute assures highly trained and skilled human resource. At the same time, the company's technical executives and managers visit various countries to learn about latest progress in plant biotechnology and new market trends. This team of experienced executives reaches out to growers in the country to provide technical know-how, counselling and consultancy.

End-to-end Solutions
KF Bioplants provides complete online technical assistance at every stage of the project: from project financials to post-harvest management.It is the only Indian plant biotech company to offer a comprehensive service to its customers.

Helping decision-making processes such as understanding financials of the project, bank loans, and information about local government subsidy support.

Field visits of technical experts for guidance on site selection, bed preparation, greenhouse design, soil sterilization, planting, fertigation programme, and pest-disease management.

Expert advice on harvest management, finding new markets, and retaining existing ones.